F A B R I C  S H O P

My main passion as a designer is to sell my prints and patterns on fabrics. I want people to be able to create whatever they like with my designs. Currently I am collaborating with Contrado UK to sell my patterns. This way you can choose the design you like, as well as the fabric. I have bought my materials from Contrado UK since 2017 and trust them 100%.


Please click the swatches below to be taken to each design for purchase. You will have the option of 20+ fabrics.


patch 8.jpg
patch 9.jpg
patch 4.jpg
patch 2.jpg
patch 5.jpg
patch 6.jpg
patch 7.jpg
patch 3.jpg
pach 1.jpg
swatch 16.jpg
swatch 13.jpg
swatch 14.jpg
swatch 11.jpg
swatch 10.jpg
swatch 9.jpg
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